Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Infantino Month Part 6: Adam Strange in "Shadow People of the Eclipse"

 And so Infantino month has come to an end.
We’ve seen him do superheroes, spacemen and horror. I only wish I could have some of his Golden Age work. Here’s the sequel to “The Weapon that Swallowed Men” story I posted earlier. This one has special significance for me as it’s the first Adam Strange story I ever read (In the 1972 reprint in Strange Adventures #238). I was a bit disappointed in that the “shadow people” (Yeah, I’m obsessed with shadow people, sue me) were just transformed civilians and not an entire alien race, but I found the concept of Adam Strange fascinating, and the ending gave me a good laugh. It’s a much more ambitious story than it’s predecessor, although the villain’s potential is wasted by making him a purely malevolent figure.
 The cover of SA 238 didn’t feature Adam except for a small headshot with the story’s title, so I never got to see the original cover until years later. That didn’t matter to me though, I mean, how could you not want to read a story titled “Shadow People of the Eclipse”? All © DC.

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