Saturday, April 27, 2013

Infantino Month Part 5: The Flash in "Master of the Elements"

Once you get past that rather boring splash page, this story from Showcase #13 (You can tell I like that issue a lot) is a nifty little thriller. It also introduced my favorite Silver Age Flash villain; Mr. Element/Dr. Alchemy! Sure he’s your typical pun-spouting villain with costumed henchmen and a lair which must have cost a fortune to establish in and of itself, and sure his debut story is filled with ass-pulls like him randomly discovering new elements and The Flash being saved by a coincidence, but you’ve got to admire how he’s prepared for everything, and his “inert elements” joke is a pretty sophisticated one by comic book standards.
 But the real star here is Infantino’s art of course. His elegant renderings of people in suits at the jewelry store and the restaurant somehow manage to be just as impressive as all of the sci-fi derring do on display, and he’s no slouch in that department either! All © DC

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