Saturday, April 13, 2013

Infantino Month Part 3: Nightmare Highway

  Most would agree that Carmine Infantino’s post-60’s work was not his best, with his layouts becoming looser and his rendering becoming more angular and rushed looking. Still, while his mainstream superhero work may not have been to everyone’s tastes, he could still turn out striking work on other genres like this moody 1980 crime/horror piece for Warren that uses light and wash for good effect. Some panels have a kind of Walt Simonson vibe. I like how restrained his art is considering the rampant opportunities it presents for sex and gore.

 The story itself here isn’t anything to write home about, relying on ridiculous coincidences, blatant red herrings and a rushed ending. And who hadn’t seen Psycho by 1980? Still, it’s one of the sleaziest stories Infantino ever drew; Underage prostitution, psycho killers wearing women’s shoes. Quite a way’s away from the innocent days of The Flash running around the world in 80 minutes, huh? And I have an even ickier Psycho-themed story Infantino drew for Warren! I may or may not post it though, since I want to mainly focus on the sleek, fine-lined superhero work that made him famous.

 Here’s “Nightmare Highway” from Creepy #117. All © Warren.

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