Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The inevitable Thanksgiving post

 Here's a truly ridiculous 50s propaganda piece by Stan Lee & Carmine Infantino from Men's Adventures #21 designed to make readers feel thankful they were living in America and not Russia. Thing is, it was reprinted for some reason in the 1970s in Chamber of Chills, and with US/Russian relations being somewhat softer, all instances of the word "Russia" were (quite obviously) relettered to say "Murania", completely losing whatever the original story had going for it. I guess you can look at it as an obvious stand-in, like Freedonia from Duck Soup, but hilariously over-the-top propaganda is better when it's, well, recognizable as propaganda. Still, it has some entertainment value as a Twelve Chairs-style black comedy.

 So why am I posting it on Thanksgiving? Well, it's about being "thankful", and it sure is a turkey. Enjoy. All © Marvel.

So remember to cherish those around you, don't eat too much, appreciate all you've been given and respect authority figures, especially cops such as this guy:

Jim Gordon: Husband, father, policeman, and whiny bitch.

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