Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Question Vs. The Diver of Death!

 Maybe it was just because of that Scooby Doo episode, but I’ve always thought old-time diving suits were creepy. I’m surprised no one’s made a slasher movie where the killer wears one! Which brings us to today’s offering, which pits a killer in a diving suit against The Question, who is a pretty frightening figure himself! Think about it, more so than The Creeper, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man or any of the horror hosts Ditko drew for Charlton, Vic Sage is easily the creepiest. At least those guys had faces! Or in Spidey’s case, a sense of humor. Check out the bit on page six where our hero laughs insanely at the villain; it’s scarier than anything the villain himself does!
 This story initially hints at a possible supernatural cause for the killings, but never quite runs with it. Still, after having binge read a stack of  Midnight Marquee’s Forgotten Horrors book series and seen what some folks consider horror, trust me, this story has plenty of horror content.
 Enjoy, and remember, there is only white and black, with no shades of gray!

Wait, isn’t that another ruthless, masked Ditko reporter hero’s shtick? Oh, Steve.
 From Blue Beetle #3. By the way, I made up that "Diver of Death" title, just because.

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