Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Hawkman Thanksgiving

 Well, hopefully everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner went well. Hopefully the turkey didn’t burn, hopefully Uncle Manny didn’t drink all the wine, hopefully your horny idiot nephew didn’t decide to re-enact Mantan Moreland’s legendary mashed potatoes routine, and hopefully your gracious host didn’t decide to use his death ray to blackmail the government after trying to bribe you not to foil his schemes.
 I know I’ve been posting bad comics to fit with this month’s “turkey” theme, but this Hawkman adventure is pretty good. There are some silly things, such as the design of the villain, who should look like a modernized Greek emperor to keep with the “Alexander” theme, or at least be handsome (Alexander the Great was one of the few historical figures who actually was handsome, by all accounts), but nooo. Still, I thought the formal dinner party atmosphere and having a hero named after a bird would fit.
 From Flash Comics #2, here’s “The Globe Conqueror” by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville. Enjoy! All © DC.



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