Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Ghastly hoodwinking!

 One of the things I see mentioned a lot in retrospectives about the EC’s is how the three ghoulunatic’s puns and commentary kept the stories from getting too grim. Perhaps so, but in this case, the tasteless puns at the end seem a bit…too tasteless. This isn’t your typical EC horror story; it’s easily one of the grimiest, most lurid, most unpleasant tales they ever ran.
 What starts as a typical story about an asshole who sets himself up for a gruesome comeuppance takes an unexpectedly dark twist.  Probably the only reason this story didn’t get an HBO adaptation is because it already feels like an HBO show!
 From Tales from the Crypt #42, here’s “Hoodwinked!” by Ghastly Graham Ingels. “Enjoy”.

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