Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Spirit Vs Solomon Grundy!

 It had to happen sooner or later. The masked detective of Central City had to battle the fiend from Slaughter Swamp. While Will Eisner tended to frown on typical comic book conventions, and hence, stuff like crossovers, he found the urge to use one of DC’s newest and most popular villains too great to ignore. It took a long time, however, to arrange an inter-company crossover between Quality and National/All American publishers, but the result was well worth it. Sadly, legal complications arose in later years which prevented the story from ever being reprinted…until today! Enjoy! © Will Eisner and DC Comics.
 What’s that you say? That’s not Solomon Grundy? That’s just a one-shot character named Sol Grundy? You’re saying that I pulled a fast one on you? You’re calling me a liar?
 Oh well, APRIL FOOL!

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