Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Spectre VS Oom:

 Here from All-Star Comics #3, we have this little gem, courtesy of Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily. It’s funny how Baily seemed to put more effort into his Spectre stories in All-Star than he actually did over in More Fun. My guess is that he felt that he must have hit it big, having his character featured in two different comics, so he wanted to make his Spectre work stand out in the more prestigiously titled “All-Star Comics”. It paid off; Jules Feiffer chose the story from the first issue as the quintessential Spectre story to showcase in his 1965 book The Great Comic Book Heroes. This one here isn’t bad either. Enjoy! All © DC Comics.

 Some thoughts remain though:
  -Why would a gargoyle monster with apparently no goals other than to kill random people, have interplanetary contacts and henchmen?
 - Why would the Spectre expect to hear a human baby on another planet?
 -Trickery aside, Oom still gets the moonstone first.
 -Some poor hobo would probably have really appreciated that park bench.
 -Which can float through space quicker, red moonstones, or ectobane coffins?
-Gee, the inhabitants of Yzgartyl must feel a tad miffed that their sacred moonstone is missing. Either they have chalked it up as one of the great mysteries of their age (which they re-run factually-duplicitous specials on every few weeks on their equivalent of the history channel), or their retaliation fleet is currently on its way to earth to steal the Black Stone of Mecca from us.

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