Monday, January 30, 2012

7 characters I DARE you to cosplay as:

Ah, now that my two Archive reviews are out of the way, time to return to this month’s “list” theme one last time. You know, cosplay can either be one of the coolest things about being a comics fan, or one of the most embarrassing. Here are some characters who I would just love to see some schmuck brave soul out there attempt at comic con.
 1) Golden Age Luthor:
 This is fairly easy to pull off actually, get a red robe, a red wig (or hair dye maybe), and you’re in business. The fun of this costume though, would be explaining who you are to members of the general public who showed up for whatever reason. “So who are you supposed to be, Torquemada or something? The Renaissance fair is that way, bub”. Hell, even hardcore comics fans would be at a loss to get the joke. GA Luthor also wore a business suit a lot, so extra points if you just wear that and not the robe, you’ll just look like some guy in a suit with red hair. Even funnier, if you have natural red hair, all you’ll look like is a guy in a suit, period.
 Such a simple cosplay, but the reactions would be so worth it.
 2) Stilt-Man:
 This has to be done or I will never rest in peace. No bullshit like only wearing the costume but no stilts, or only wearing stilts but no costume; it only counts if you wear actual stilts AND the metallic costume.
 3) Mogo the Green Lantern Planet:
 At comic con, who says Mogo doesn’t have to socialize? Good luck finding the materials to make this though.
4) The Mist:
 Whoever thinks they can pull this off convincingly, good luck.
5) Shadow Thief/Ian Karkull:
 How can you pull either of these two characters off without just looking like some guy dressed as a ninja? That’s your problem, not mine. Also, Shadow-Thief has a pointy chin due to the goatee he has in human form, so be sure to reflect that.
 While Ian Karkull cosplay may never come to pass, Fish-Men of Nyarl Amen cosplay has become popular in recent years:
6) Armless Tiger Man:
 Like Luthor, this is fairly easy to pull off. The reactions of others are what will make it so much fun. Bonus points for trying to eat a full meal while in character.
7) Ebony White:
 Whoever does this, and makes it through the con in one piece, I will award every single one of my earthly possessions, including my home, on the condition that I get to keep the picture for proof. I will then become a hermit in the distant woods, and will forever entertain passerby with the fact that I got someone to do this.
"Racist suicidal cosplay dare--NO GOOD! Rarrghh!"

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