Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Demon Knights #2 review:

 Picked this up today. Some thoughts (and spoilers):
 -We see that Etrigan can grow wings and fly. I think he was shown doing this in flashbacks in the 90’s series, but I’m not sure. Anyway, Etrigan traditionally doesn’t have wings. This could either come in handy when we see him re-introduced into regular continuity (man it feels weird to type that, with the new DCU only being a few months old), or there eventually will be a scene where he loses that ability. Also, Etrigan is practicing rhyming now, indicating that he DOES have plans of conquest like the old post-Crisis Demon, since only high ranking demons rhyme. We also see that he still considers himself evil and that Madame Xanadu’s relationship with him may not really be love but a way of controlling him. Interesting...
Is it wrong I can't help but hear Margot Kidder's "arms of a god" voice-over?

-There’s no denying it now: Vandal Savage is flat-out comedy relief.

 There are hints of the evil he’s capable of, but it’s all being played for black comedy for now. Also, I love how ordinary dinosaurs are considered dragons. Other characters, such as the Amazon Exoristos and Al Jabr who had little more than cameos last issue, are given more prominence.
-There’s a lot of humor in the book, the title itself is “They Shall not Pass” and next issue’s title will be “The Maleficent Seven”. There are also a lot of great little scenes like this one:

 There’s really nothing to summarize plot-wise, as this issue is basically an extended action sequence, but it’s a good extended action sequence. On par with the first issue. Definitely worth picking up. 4/5.

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